The Record Stache


The Record Stache is looking for advertisers and sponsors. After dedicating two and a half years to the growth of the site, and coming up with six redesigns within that time frame, we are finally happy with the look and feel of The Record Stache. This means that we’re now ready to start working with advertisers.

Our website is completely coded by hand. How does this benefit you? There’s no templates to limit us!  We can put your ad, literally, anywhere on the site (as long as it’s pleasing to the eye). We can even change the entire background to host an ad, if that’s your need. We’re a creative group of writers and designers, looking for a creative way to display your advertisements for our viewers.

Now that we’re branching out into more than just music, we welcome brand sponsorships: clothes, art, coffee, technology, etc. If you’ve got a product that you need promoted, or an ad that you want to show off, send us over a quick email and we’ll work something out.

Disclaimer: All sponsored articles will be labeled as such when posted.