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Like most music blogs, we’re not big fans of receiving submissions through Facebook or Twitter. We appreciate reading a flattering, semi-personalized email. It never hurts to pretend that you’ve been a fan of The Record Stache for a while. Send us over a quick bio and some links to stream your music (preferably Soundcloud) or watch your videos.

Keep in mind that we’re super understaffed and there’s a chance that your submission may get lost in the clutter. If you don’t hear back from us, please send a follow up email.

[email protected]

Writers Wanted!

The Record Stache is growing. We’re just a few contributors, and we have more music submissions than we can keep up with constantly piling up in our inboxes. It’s a not a very good feeling, knowing that we can’t possibly write about every artist and band that deserves to have their music featured on the site.

We’re looking for help, no matter how big or small. Want to have your own weekly feature like The Sweet Five? Awesome! Want to write long, insightful album reviews? Great! Want to just throw together a quick write up on a new single a few times a week? Sounds good to me.

At the moment, we can only compensate you with more free music than you can shake a stick at. If you’re cool with “interning” and interested in joining the team, feel free to send us over a quick email, or send us a message using the form below.