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The Pull of Autumn, Mark Stewart & Adrian Sherwood deliver stunning ‘Outlaw Empire’

Collage photography by Luci Lux, Chiara-Meattelli & Dominic Lee

It’s been a few years since the last release from the collective known as The Pull of Autumn. As is the case with many artists, we assume it has something to do with the pandemic and related limitations. Today we are thrilled to announce that it was worth the wait as the band is back with a new single that involves several big-whig artists of notable prowess, including The Pop Group founder and overall music icon Mark Stewart and legendary music producer Adrian Sherwood.

‘Outlaw Empire’ (a very cool title, I must say) is a superb way to herald The Pull of Autumn’s new album ‘Beautiful Broken World’ – their fourth following their eponymous album in 2018, ‘Afterglow’ in 2019 and ‘Small Colors’ in 2020. What can we say? This first offering from the album is solid and innovative. Simultaneously upbeat and trippy, it has a very high feel-good vibe going for it. With such excellent sonic marksmanship, we are already looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

A revolving-door collective in the same tradition of This Mortal Coil, Broken Social Scene or Michael Ciravolo’s current Beauty In Chaos project, The Pull of Autumn centers around Rhode Island artist Daniel Darrow from Johanna’s House of Glamour, but involves numerous emerging and notable musicians from all over the place (digital file sharing has definitely changed the way we make music).

Incorporating elements of granular glitch synthesis to the track, this innovative and alluring blend of electronica, jazz fusion, spoken word and dub calls to much such artists as Cabaret Voltaire, A Certain Ratio, Pop Will Eat itself and Renegade Soundwave, to name but a few artists. Of course, Stewart’s own The Pop Group can also be recalled.

Darrow was able to realize his lifelong dream of collaborating with Mark Stewart thanks to a mutual contact – Scott Crow, owner of Emergency Heart Records, through which both Darrow and Stewart have released music. Stewart accepted the invite and thus emerged the roots to this current composition. Great thing too – Mark Stewart left us wanting more after his 2020 collaboration with Jah Wobble and other Public Image Ltd. bandmates ‘A Very British Coup’.

Also featuring bassist Doug Wimbish (Living Colour, Tackhead and sessional musician for The Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Depeche Mode, Sugarhill Gang and James Brown), this track was given the golden remix treatment by the legendary Adrian Sherwood, English record producer and owner of the famed On-U-Sound Records, the first label to experiment with early dub reggae music using echo, reverb and delay techniques. Mixing dub with other forms of electronic music, Sherwood has created remixes for Depeche Mode, Primal Scream, Skinny Puppy and Sinead O’ Connor.

‘Beautiful Broken World’ is an ambitious 15-track undertaking that began in early 2020 and involves a number of iconic artists. They include Philip Parfitt of The Perfect Disaster, Stuart Moxham of Rough Trade postpunk band Young Marble GiantsLuke Skyscraper James of I.R.S. recording artist FASHION and John Neff, who has contributed to multiple David Lynch films and is also a member of David Lynch’s Blubob.

As of October 5, ‘Outlaw Empire’ will be available across online stores and streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. The full “Beautiful Broken World’ album will be released on November 18 and is already available for pre-order (the lead single will be your instant-grat track for your immediate pleasure) at

‘Outlaw Empire’ written by Mark Stewart & Nungun (Teache & Ryan Mahan)
Remixed by Adrian Stewart
Mark Stewart – Vocals
Daniel Darrow – Synths
Doug Wimbish – Bass
Album produced by Daniel Darrow
Mastered by Bruce Macleod
Album cover art by Joyce Raskin White

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