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The Persian Leaps ‘Alright Alright’ – a green light for great music

Ah Minneapolis, the home of many music greats – from Prince and The Revolution, Bob Dylan, The Replacements, The Jayhawks, Soul Asylum, Low, Husker Du (Bob Mould) and Semisonic. I could go on and on – one of the artists that would definitely feature in such a list is  The Persian Leaps, whose new single we are pleased to present to you today. 

Fabulous in every way and a charming specimen of tried-and-true American indie rock, ‘Alright Alright’, the second taster of their new‘Machines for Living’ EP, to be released on October 7via Land Ski Records. Based in Minneapolis, The Persian Leaps surrounds principal songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Drew Forsberg, who came up with the band’s name in college while daydreaming through his Greek Archaeology class. Writing solo under that name for years, he finally assembled a band in 2012.  

The Persian Leaps · Alright Alright

Forsberg explains “This song is about people who thrive on conflict. They’ve always existed, but it’s so much worse in the digital age when people can post inflammatory statements with total anonymity–or at least not say things directly to someone’s face. This song is for people who hang out online in the Comments section.”

Following the powerful lead track ‘Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget’, which was written and performed by Jon Asher (Drew’s uncle) and folk/rock superstar Dan Fogelberg under the name The Coachmen. a local opener for bands like The Who and The Hollies, whose only recorded output was a 45 released on Ledger Records in 1967 with this track as the A-side.

The latest in a fruitful string of releases, The Persian Leaps released their widely acclaimed ‘Drone Etiquette’ album in late 2021. Here again, they dish out a fine new collection of 90s college rock-inspired compositions, their distinct sound built on a magnetic alternative rock foundation.

From their 2013 debut ‘Praise Elephants’ EP, which NME Magazine described as “celestial guitar jangle”, the Leaps released an EP every autumn until 2017. From their acclaimed sophomore‘Drive Drive Delay’ EP in 2014 to their fifth ‘Bicycle Face’ EP, they have delivered one perfect power pop cocktail after another. Their massive 2018‘Pop That Goes Crunch’anthology was followed by a return as a studio project, releasing the‘Electrical Living’ LP in 2019 and the‘Smiling Lessons’ EP in 2020 together with Jon Hunt.

As of September 13, ‘Alright Alright’ will be available on Bandcamp, and will also be offered as an instant gratification track when ordering the full ‘Machines For Living’ EP. As of October 7, this EP will be released across online platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp. To boot, we also recommend you listen to their latest ‘Drone Etiquette’ and watch their latest video for ‘Your Loss’ and you will fully understand how very stellar this artist is.

1. Alright Alright
2. Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget
3. Lipreader Dyslexia
4. Beautiful Inside
5. The Nicest Way

Drew Forsberg – Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drum programming
Recorded by August Ogren, The Terrarium
Mixed by Neil Weir, Blue Bell Knoll
Mastered by Bruce Templeton, Microphonic Mastering
Cover art by Jon Hunt
Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget written by Jon Frederick Asher (BMI)
Originally performed and recorded by the Coachmen [Ledger Records, 1967]
All Other Songs Land Ski Music (BMI)
(c) 2021 All Rights Reserved

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