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Candy Coffins emerge with vigor on ‘Everyday a Fresh Atrocity’

Photo by Lauren Ellis

When is the last time a post-punk band sparked something in you or made the hair on your arms stand up? Reach deep into your memories of hearing The Smiths or The Cure or The Cult for the first time and ask yourselves – how often does that happen anymore in your life. Today we hope to present you a band that may very well induce those warm familiar feelings – partly rooted in what will clearly be a reminiscent “sound”, but also because the song in question is quite brilliant and very much deserving of your attention (if you love post-punk that is – die-hard fans of Waylon Jennings or Megadeth need not apply).

Two years since their latest ‘Somehow Misplaced’ EP, South Carolina-based five-piece Candy Coffins will be releasing their new long-player soon enough. ‘Once Do It With Feeling’ brings 10 tracks and we have the pleasure of presenting the video for the lead single ‘Every Day A Fresh Atrocity’.

Candy Coffins take no prisoners with lush instrumentation and sombre storytelling. Their gothic post-punk vortex engulfs you. Poignant vocal melodies swoon amongst soft guitars and expansive synths to craft a song that will continue wandering the sonic corridors of your mind.

Also suitably categorized as new romantics, Candy Coffins provides current fans a needed fix while also presenting much to pique the interest of new listeners. What’s not to like (or love in this case). There are strong elements of The Cure, TRAITRS and Psychedelic Furs here, not to mention Afghan Whigs and Echo & The Bunnymen.”The song ‘Every Day A Fresh Atrocity’ explores the dark corners where our work often resides, both sonically and lyrically. It conveys the feeling of the haunting suffocation of a broken relationship, compounded by a reality that seems to become more dystopian each day,” says frontman-songwriter Jame Lathren.

“The full album chronicles a relationship from the onset of the first crack to its complete crumbling dissolution. All the feelings and emotions of tumult are captured here, from both persons’ perspectives.”

This album showcases mature strides in songwriting, the band relating the themes addressed both confidently and cohesively. Emotionally and sonically saturated, their music boasts Cure-esque textures and melody, as well as the thematic elements and visceral delivery of The Afghan Whigs.

Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jame Lathren formed Candy Coffins in 2018. A small-town boy with admiration for artists who were not on popular radio, Jame Lathren had a rich youthful experience as a cultural outcast. His resilience, sensitivity and hyper-awareness of his emotional state would ultimately permeate his own music, getting right to the heart of the emotions surrounding the human condition.

After disbanding his previous post-punk band Crown The Cake, he formed Candy Coffins with hometown guitar legend Tom Alewine (Bachelors of Art), followed by seasoned music scene veterans Alex Mabrey on bass and Justin Purdy on keys, and former Iron & Wine touring drummer Jonathan Bradley. Their dynamic and textured approach has contributed to the band’s trademark lush sound, channeling and bolstering Lathren’s emotive songwriting and delivery.

Photo by Lauren Ellis

‘Every Day A Fresh Atrocity’ is available everywhere digitally, including SpotifyApple Music and Bandcamp. The ‘Once Do It With Feeling’ LP will be released on October 21, but can already be pre-ordered at

Jame Lathren – vocals, guitars
Tom Alewine : guitars
Alex Mabrey – bass
Jonathan Bradley – drums, percussion
Justin Purdy – keys
Additional instrumentation by John Furr
Additional vocals by Margaret Rose Champagne
All songs by Jame Lathren (BMI) © 2022
Produced & Engineered by John Furr at Pow Pow Sound (Columbia, SC)
Mixed by David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction (Athens, GA)
Mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering (Charlotte, NC)
Single cover artwork by Jame Lathren
Album cover artwork by Phoenix Lathren and and Tom Alewine
‘Everyday a Fresh Atrocity’  video created by Jame Lathren

September 16 – Velo Fellow, Greenville, SC
October – album listening party (TBA)
October 29 – At The Addition, Columbia, SC

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