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Resounding must-listen: A Shoreline Dream ‘Alarms Stop Ringing’

It’s been a few years since we were able to present you new music from Colorado’s chief postpunk / shoegaze band A Shoreline Dream are, but now is finally the time to welcome them back with open arms. Named ‘Loveblind’, their new album will be released on September 23 via Latenight Weeknight Records,

Recall that, in 2020, the band received glowing reviews of their stellar ‘Melting’ album (2020). This new collection will be the sixth full-length album after many years of releasing material. Apart from releasing numerous acclaimed albums, the band was a regular collaborator of the late Ulrich Schnauss, in addition to also having worked with Mark Kramer and The Engineers (for whom they created a remix for progressive label gods K-Scope). Another fun fact about A Shoreline Dream – they opened for Chapterhouse for the very final appearance the shoegaze pioneers would ever give.

Today we are pleased to present the premiere of the record’s lead track ‘Alarms Stop Ringing’. Previewing 40 minutes of we can say that this first uptempo high-adrenaline offering is definitely a case of the band putting their best foot forward. A stellar effort, this song is perfectly balanced, ticking all the boxes of what makes for a perfect single.

Recorded from November 2021 – July 2022 in the Barnum, Colorado (a suburb of Denver) with fine-tuned production from Ryan Policky, this album features immense synth layers, the band’s signature guitar and symphonic vocals from the bottom of a well.

Photo by Allan Cutler

‘Alarms Stop Ringing’ is accompanied by an equally mesmerizing video, filmed at The Best Little Boarding House and Black Monarch Hotel in Victor, Colorado. Starring Allan Cutler, Jessica Halpine, Matilda Marginal, Alyssa Wyss and Elyssa Gleeson, it was directed, filmed and edited by Ryan Policky with costume design by MARGINAL and Jessica Halpine.

“Victor is one of my favorite places to detach from society and the star of the album. The cover artwork and this video were visually born from it. In the late 1800’s, the main street burned to the ground and left behind a super haunted presence. Fast forward to present day – two locations on this main street are some of the most amazing spots to visit. The Black Monarch is a goth hotel dream-come-true, frequented by Tesla back in his day, and The Best Little Boarding House is a converted brothel that is probably the most haunted place in the city (Just try staying asleep through the night!),” says Ryan Policky.

“These became the main set pieces for the video, which help tell the story of a man haunted by relationships and memories of his past while attempting to move forward in his own personal struggle. A dream location for a surrealistic photographer such as myself, and an amazing visit to say the least. Having 3 days to roam the ruins and find new locations to explore really helped bring it all to life.”

Photo by Aaron Thackeray

While the pandemic has taken its toll on our mental well-being, the perception of money and power has blown previous years away. Dying to get back to the good times, moments of pure, unscathed lust, we are eager for new experiences to sweep us off our feet. ‘Loveblind’ reaches for that same energy, taking cues from previous A Shoreline Dream works released over the past 16 years, drawing more from their progressive goth roots. Layers of moodiness, blissful explosions of rock and chugging tempo mix with the pain, love, hope and moments of near death experienced while creating the album itself.

On July 27, ‘Alarms Stop Ringing’ will be available for download exclusively via Bandcamp, where the full ‘Loveblind’ album can be pre-ordered. As of September 23, the album will be released everywhere online, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Ryan Policky
Written and performed by Ryan Policky, except ‘Driveaway’ and ‘Hazewash’ written and performed by Ryan Policky and Erik Jeffries
Cover artwork by Ryan Policky
Released via Latenight Weeknight Records, LLC
UPC: 196925236942. Catalogue # LAT026
Music Copyright 2022 Latenight Weeknight Records, LLC

1. Alarms Stop Ringing
2. Driveaway
3. The Spring Comes Clean
4. Harlow Syndrome
5. Nothing More Than This
6. Loveblind
7. Hazewash
8. Mariupol
9. Black Dye
10. Cutline Follow
11. The Grind

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