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Caledonia’s Celestial North awakens with awe-inspiring ‘When The Gods Dance’

Why is Scotland so very alluring to millions? Part of the attraction has to do with the music produced by this tiny but fascinating country and, in equal measure, by the mysticism and lore associated with its people. Enter the artist we present today, who goes by the name Celestial North. She has just released her new single ‘When The Gods Dance’ earlier this month, a sweet taster of her anticipated long-player.

Based in the Lake District, the fairies certainly must have been up to some great majick when they brought her the vision for this song – it’s enthralling and entrancing dreampop with a slight Grimes meets Parabola West and Gwenno-infused feel. Even her appearance is striking – there is something theatrical here, with an unmistaken natural feel associated with the pagan-inspired ancient realm.

Highly melodic with a whisping high-frequency ethereal element, ‘When The Gods Dance’ appeals to both ones primordial love of music and nature, while embracing the many tools that can be used in creating music.

Sewn with her beguiling vocals and a patchwork of her old and new influences, crafted of both organic and synthetic instrumentation: it paints a spell binding world- one which welcomes one and all in. Described by Celestial North’s V as “Like a tug of war between euphoria and devastation – as above, so below. It’s ethereal maximalism gone viking”. ‘When The Gods Dance’ is the first in a series of Bandcamp Friday singles leading up to the release of her debut album this Autumn.
Born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, Celestial North can be found wandering south of the border in Kendal where she now lives with her family, surrounded by fells and the beauty of nature.

Her Scottish roots are anchored in her music and her love of wilderness, mystery and the spirit of the Beltane is evident in her songs. Having taught herself various instruments, with the encouragement of a Bowie and Flamenco loving father, she became interested in experimenting with different recording techniques and more unusual and primitive instruments. Hours and hours were spent with her husband, co-producer and chief drummer Woody, recording blocks of ice being hit, or chains being banged inside buckets, or storms passing over their old stone house on the hill. A dulcimer, a Bodhran drum and a piano were gifted to them during lockdown which had a huge impact on the sounds being created at home.

Celestial North is a talented, multi-faceted musician and songwriter with her songs regularly played on the BBC Introducing show. Her most recent release, a reworking of R.E.M.’s ‘Nightswimming’ – recorded for a God Is In the TV Zine charity album last year, received national radio play with BBC Scotland’s Roddy Hart proclaiming it “Majestic”.

The release was included in Bandcamp’s Essential Releases with ‘Nightswimming’ chosen as the Editorial Director’s personal highpoint. Following a run of early singles Celestial North was touted by Under The Radar and God Is In The TV as ‘One to watch in 2021’ and one of the ‘finest new acts for 2021’, Celestial North is currently recording her debut album which will be released in September 2022. You can see her live at Kendal Calling Festival.

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