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Free-thinking Metal: Othered debut album ‘Othered Vol. 1’ offers deeper wisdom

Photos by Sonia Savio

We cover a lot of genres here at The Record Stache, but one that certainly we admit receives less coverage than many multi-genre blogs is metal. With a plethora of metal and heavy rock blogs out there, we have tended to stick to other genres but, from time to time, a metal artist comes along who we feel simply must reach more ears. They may be seasoned and already with a good followership, or they may be new or emerging. Today is one of those occasions where we are eager to introduce you to an artist from this dark and heavy cloth, who you likely haven’t heard before. Why so? Because this is their debut album, of course. Raw and confidently truthful caustic rock – get ready to move your mind.

Today we have the pleasure of premiering that very album by a duo called Othered p. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, today is release day for their long player ‘Othered Vol. 1’. Available on both limited edition vinyl and digitally, this is an abrasive yet superb bouquet of tracks that collectively showcase what two people can do when they don’t let societal ills break them and when they put their talents together during lockdown conditions. Earlier, they previewed the lead track ‘Journey To The Edge’.

Othered is a collaborative recording project by Henry Austin Lannan and Emily Palen (a.k.a. KnightressM1). Based in the San Francisco Bay Are, this powerhouse project also weaves doom, metal and psychedelic prog–rock throughout their music

‘Othered Vol. 1’ was born out of sheer necessity to create amidst a complete disruption to normality as a result of the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns. Lyrically, the album is a call for independent thought, soul maintenance and critical discernment in a time when a war on human consciousness is being waged.

“This album was a synchronistic opportunity for me to dive into myself as a vocalist and also to bring a voice to the traumatic experience everyone was plunged into. As we traversed the mind-bending manipulation of the last two years the lyrics and melodies of Othered served as a channel to express views that were challenging to many to hear. Many of us who have always questioned what our government tells us have been afraid to speak up for fear of life-altering consequences. I do not pretend to know the core facts of the story we are playing out now, however there is longstanding and irrefutable evidence that these false authority figures have never cared about us. I maintain that it is critical that we be able to question and think for ourselves,” says Emily Palen.

“When we are being attacked so viciously for doing so, it is a horrible red flag. Austin Lannan gave me his unlimited blessing to explore my own ideas uncensored and I am very grateful for that landscape. My hope is that this music is both a clarion call to others who have felt alone during this time, a fortifying song for those who are on the front lines of consciousness evolution and a reminder to those who have fallen victim to mass engineered manipulation tactics, to come home to who they truly are. Our true nature is to care for each other, and celebrate and support our vast differences. Our strength is in our diversity, not in aligning to one single thought sent down upon us from above”.

Henry Austin Lannan and Emily Palen met by chance through Specimen Box, Lannan’s collaborative music project with Larry Boothroyd (Jello Biafra and GSM, Victim’s Family, Triclops!). Upon hearing one of Austin’s demos, Larry introduced him to Emily, who created a vocal composition that led to this fruitful collaboration, based on songs written in the midst of the 2020 lockdown.

After recording numerous demos at Austin’s home studio, they eventually recorded this long-player at El Studio in San Francisco with Phil Becker (drummer of Triclops!, Terry Gross, Pins of Light and Lower Forty-Eight) serving as producer and engineer.

“2020 was a fucked up year. A profound sense of isolation permeated daily life along with rampant fear and a consistent general feeling of unease. The sounds, words and tone of this record are both inspired by those negative emotions and an attempt to counter the despair and hopelessness many of us felt throughout the year,” says Henry Austin Landan.

On April 15, ‘Othered Vol. 1’ will be released digitally across online platforms and also available as a limited edition of gold-colored vinyl. Only 150 copies are being pressed with heavy-weight gloss stock jacket and black card stock insert printed in silver and gold ink. The album can be ordered directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

That same evening, Othered will host their official record release show at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland, at which Nudity and Very Paranoia will also be performing.

Emily Palen – Vocals
Henry Austin Lannan – Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Bass, Mandocello
Doug Pearson – Synthesizers, Electric Piano
Eric Strand – Drums & Percussion (2,4,6,7,8,9)
Ralph Spight – Lead Guitar (5)
Clayton Vorheis – Bass (5)
Larry Boothroyd – Drums (3)
Phil Becker – Drums & Percussion (5,9)
All compositions by Henry Austin Lannan
All lyrics by Emily Palen
Recorded, mixed & produced by Phil Becker at El Studio (San Francisco)
Mastered by Justin Weis, Trakworx (South San Francisco)
Cover painting ‘Gold with Burnished X’ by Barry Masteller, 1991

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