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Preview Restless And Dramatic New Album from Alternative Rock Chamber Music Outfit Beo String Quartet

Listen to audio preview HERE

Written by: Jen Dan 

Breaking boundaries with their exciting hybrid style that mixes classic chamber music with alternative and progress rock, Pittsburgh-based ensemble Beo String Quartet are set to release a restless and dramatic new album, titled Ghosts Revisited, on October 21st via NeuKraft Records. 

Samples of the stirring and vivid tracks can be heard at the link above. Composing the chamber music first, the group then add intense rock riffs and flourishes to their numbers.

Lyrics concern a conflicted inner psyche, which manifests in the unsettled musical journey. 

“We’ve flipped the roles of string quartet vs rock combo normally found in popular styles,” says producer Sean Neukom. “In Ghosts Revisited, it’s the strings giving us the substance of the sound. The drums, guitar, bass, and vocals drop in for added definition and texture.”   

The outfit formed in 2015 and have performed around to world to great acclaim. During the pandemic, when live shows were out of the question, they worked on commissions and collaborations, as well as this upcoming album.

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