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Pop Artist DYLVN Unveils A Personal & Plaintive New Album

DYLVN · Ashes (feat. Brooke Sierra)

San Clemente vocalist and songwriter DYLVN recently revealed a vulnerable debut album called Falling Far From Home.

It’s packed with highlights, but one particular standout is Ashes with Brooke Sierra. The verses traded between the two artists are intimate and the hook is pure ear candy.

DYLVN (Dylan Lagestee) is a solo pop artist from the small, tight knit beach community of San Clemente, California. Growing up, DYLVN was always drawn to songwriting and performing.

The singer-songwriter continued to expand artistically during high school, and acting and music became his two loves. After graduating, his closest friends were the inspiration to take the next leap in doing what he loves most; singing and letting the world know how he feels.

His first single was released in 2020, titled Dust of Love, which received positive feedback across the industry. 

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