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Electronic Music Producer Shallou Drops Nostalgic & Heartfelt Single

shallou · Heartaches

After the success of last year’s Magical Thinking LP, Shallou returns with an absolute beauty.
Heartaches is a fitting title as it’s an emotionally moving piece with delicate production and vocals alike.

Shallou explains, “Lockdown made me nostalgic for the ‘Souls-era’ music I made like ‘You and Me’ and ‘Lie.’ The track started out as simple guitar chords and my voice chopped up, but soon grew into a dance track full of longing about experiencing the passions of love during a hard time.

“I messaged Elderbrook about writing for a track, and he sent over an excellent catchy verse that I built the rest of the lyrics around. I’ve been loving singing on my tracks lately so will definitely continue at that direction.

“I’m really happy to reintroduce myself to the world with all the personal growth I’ve achieved the last year, and my ability to synthesize my past catalogue into a fresh but familiar direction.”

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