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Ireland’s Keeley is ever-present on ‘Never Here Always There’ live in Dublin

There are only so many hours in the day and only so much you can do in that time. While our ‘wish lists’ and ‘to do lists’ may seem to be an ongoing, ever-changing collection of ideas and tasks, some of them never get around to being achieved. Today we are finally getting around to featuring an artist who we’ve had our eye (well ear) on over the past few months. Who is this masked artist? None other than Keeley, an artist whose musical repertoire (at least on her debut EP ‘Brave Warrior’) mixes indie rock and psychedelic pop together with minimalistic synthpop. 

Today, you shall take in her performance of ‘Never Here Always There’, recorded live in her native Dublin at the Workman’s Club. Less than a month ago, the band and numerous other emerging and established Irish artists woke up the ghosts (even via the internet) during the Dublin Quays Festival and so this video extract comes from that evening.  Love how the track seemingly shifts into downtempo drugged-up stoner rock.

When Global Texan Chronicles wrote that her music is “as much of a blast from the past as it is poised to anchor many of this summer’s playlists,”it was like a premonition as lead track and the debut‘Brave Warrior’ EP itself did appear in numerous charts and even topped one in first place. Having received airplay in over 40 countries including multiple spins on BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq showSiriusXM in the USA (including legendary DJ Rodney Bingenheimer’s show), the lead track ‘Glitter and The Glue’ also reached #1 on the Radio Indie Alliance Chart, a coalition over a hundred radio stations broadcasting on four continents.

Keeley’s path has led the band to do this release through Dimple Discs, a London label with deep Irish music connections. Founded in 2018 by The Undertones‘ Damian O’Neill and former Stereolab publicist Brian O’Neill, it has grown to encompass such artists as Cathal Coughlan (The Fatima Mansions, Microdisney), Eileen Gogan, Kev Hopper, Dragon Welding, Nick Haeffner, TelefisBaby Shakes andSACK.
For the past five years, Keeley has been publishing ‘The Keeley Chronicles’ blog, dedicated to the harrowing and mystifying case of murdered German tourist Inga-Maria Hauser in 1988. Working closely with Northern Irish police, senior politicians and Inga’s legal representatives in Northern Ireland to advance and resolve this notorious case, she is keeping the memory of this beautiful and mysterious soul alive.

‘Brave Warrior’ EP order 

‘Brave Warrior’ is now available everywhere online, including Spotify,Bandcamp and elsewhere. Keeley is already recording her next album (out in 2022) at Darklands Audio in Dublin, where Fontaines D.C. also recorded their first album. On October 13, Keeley will be performing as headliner at Whelan’s Main Room for the first time in 2021 with support from label-mate Dragon Welding (The Wolfounds’ Andy Golding). Tickets can be obtained from Whelan’s Concert at

Keeley – Vocals & Guitars
Alan Maguire – Keyboards, Guitars & Programming
All songs written by Keeley, except You Never Made It That Far by Keeley/Kiang
Published by Copyright Control
Produced and engineered by Alan Maguire
Mixed by Alan Maguire and Keeley
Recorded in Portobello, Dublin
Mastering by Anthony Chapman, London
Photography and art direction by Keeley. Keeley logo by Gav Icon Hodgins
Front cover image by Maaike van Liempt. Layout by Bruce Brand at Arthole
This record is dedicated to the memory of Inga Maria Hauser – the bravest warrior (1969-1988).

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