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Progressive Rock Outfit High Chair Drop Psychedelic & Spacey New Album

Written by: Jen Dan 

Based out of London, England, psychedelic-steeped progressive rock outfit High Chair recently released their third album of a trilogy. 

Titled Hey Mountain Hey, the LP arrived via Kiyabisu Records and follows up 2018’s The Butter Thief and 2019’s The Dharma and the Drama.

Band members Billy Surgeoner and Rokiah Yaman are veteran musicians who have been in numerous other groups before more recently connecting musically as High Chair (which Surgeoner had been running as a solo venture since 2005). 

They use literary references in their works, from titles to narratives, with the record’s name a nod to Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, and certain songs based on short stories by Tolkien and Kafka, among others. 

Their music delves deeply and richly into prog, psych, and space rock, with the songs launching listeners into other dimensions in the mind and outer worlds. 

Much of the music and some lyrics from this trio of albums was original put to tape as demos in the 1990s. They’ve now been reworked and rerecorded for this set of full lengths. 

Stream Hey Mountain Hey and other music from the act via Spotify.

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