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Experimental Electronic Artist WoolieBuGGer Journeys Through Unusual Soundscapes

WooliebuGGer · Transmission 70

Written by: Jen Dan 

The curiously named WoolieBuGGer is an experimental electronic music artist who recently released two differing singles that both reshape the classic ‘90s IDM sound. 

A self-taught musician, WoolieBuGGer is focused on evolving samples and synthesizer work, and always challenging the status quo of what compositions should sound like. 

His latest album is titled Stellar Communication, and the title alone gives a strong hint at where his passions lie. Influences range from Brian Eno and Boards of Canada to Pink Floyd and The Beatles. 

The fuzzily looped and extended ambient track Transmission 70 was inspired by Boards of Canada, while otherworldly Drift pulses with a squelchy beat and flitters with spacey note-fragments. 

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