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Pop Artist Tizane Delivers A Catchy And Uplifting New Single And Two Cool B-sides

The perfect follow up?…How can you follow a body of work like Cherry, the haunting, dramatic, and emotionally raw critically acclaimed debut album, released earlier this year to unanimous praise?…

Who’s Gonna Hurt Me Now? IS the perfect follow up. It had to be… Anthemic, uplifting, and powerful  with infectious pop hooks and crescendos so thrillingly alive. 

Of course It delivers all the Tizane signature themes of introspection, damage done, and restoration of the spirit – It wouldn’t be Tizane without… and BBC Introducing called the track “Bond theme esque.”

Of course the Phoebe Bridges comparisons continue unabated, and they are certainly there to be made, but with one defining difference that if Tizane had attempted to smash her guitar on live TV, she would have done a better job of it… 

A bold and inspired choice of classic songs back up the A-side. Not to detract from WGHMN, but the R.E.M. classic Everybody Hurts arguably warrants its own single release. Tizane without a doubt makes it her own; a beautiful rendition.

Bold indeed, and perhaps an homage to Tizane’s mentor, former Rough Trade boss George Kimpton, (Stone Roses, Kylie Minogue, Depeche Mode, The Smiths, PJ Harvey, New Order, etc).

The final track from this package is a wonderfully beautiful take on The Smiths’ 1984 classic hit Heaven knows I’m miserable now, an ethereal masterpiece. Still Tizane, still only 20 years young, still an extraordinary talent for making music, Who’s gonna hurt me now? Is a statement; a statement of upbeat self-worth…

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