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Music Artist/Producer HEELE Unveils Gritty & Cinematic Alt-Rock Track

Written by: Jen Dan

Based out of New Haven, Connecticut, alternative music artist and producer Michael Henss, recording under the moniker HEELE, delivers a gritty, industrial-tinged tune that recalls some of Trent Reznor’s more cinematic output.

Still Intact marches with a measured, but determined pace and is augmented by grimy guitar cycles and Henss’ cool-tone to emotional vocals.

The song’s nostalgic lyrics are detailed and read like a poem, full of dark and contemplative imagery.

Among Henss’ many talents, he is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and these facets are displayed on this compelling track.

Henss confides, “The inspiration for this song came from a long-lost home video of my early childhood. Lyrically, I’ve tried to reconcile the emotions that it conjured up within me while watching it for the first time.”

Henss as HEELE released his debut EP Pathos in 2019 and will be following that up with a second EP out later this year.

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