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Experimental Ensemble The Silence Collective Explores The Inner Psyche And Outer World On New Record

Written by: Jen Dan 

The Silence Collective is a true melding of the creative minds of a group of veteran and improvisational musicians who both tour and record together often. 

The current lineup of the collective is made up of Jeff Bird (producer, composer), Matt Brubeck (cello), Daniel Fischlin (guitar, monotronics water ImaginÆrium (a special instrument built by Tony Duggan-Smith and Mark Kett)) , Gary Diggins (cornet, waterfall kalimba (a special instrument built by Nik Harron)), Christine Duncan (vocals), Kathryn Ladano (bass clarinet), Joe Sorbara (percussion, klepsydra (a special instrument built by Tony Duggan-Smith and Mark Kett)), and Lewis Mellville (electric banjo, betablock). 

The experimental ensemble have recently released the absorbing record RiverChants, a deep immersion into reflective ambient music.

The songs are few, but lengthy and explore the hidden recesses of the inner spirit. The flowing soundscapes may be gently contemplative, but they have a meaningful power and purpose – to shine a light on the plight of the waters that make up our planet and give us life. 

Human-driven pollution and climate change have decimated bodies of water around the world, but water is what sustains the existence of everything on Earth. 

The outfit detail this main and important theme of the record’s songs, explaining, “RiverChants was conceived to deepen our understanding of the plight of water as well as to celebrate the sinuous waterways that surround [us].” 

“Our hope is that the expansive soundscapes and imaginary waterscapes of RiverChants transport you both upstream and downstream––and that you experience the deep reservoir of stories, memories, and sonances of [rivers].”

“Water circulates as the planet’s lifeblood, sustaining life everywhere, ecologically, rivers act as arterial expressions of hydrology where ceaseless transformation and mutability––from mist and condensation to dewdrops, rain, ice, snowmelt and runoff, waterflow and oceanic wave––are the norm.” 

“River sounds carry the melodies of time and space, biotic flux, interconnection and interdependence, local and cosmic meanings.” 

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