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CAPYAC Add Jazz, Funk, & Hip-Hop Touches To Remix Of Electronic Artist Ishi’s Track

ICEA · Ishi – Goody Goody (Capyac's Good Mix)feat. Cure for Paranoia and RuDi Devino

Ishi has teamed up with an all-star cast to reimagine his standout single, Goody Goody.

Orchestrated by fellow Texan outfit CAPYAC, it features Cure for Paranoia and Rudi Devino to take it to the next genre-bending level. 

Ishi’s ability to successfully walk the line between an ambitious studio act and a multi-sensory live experience allows him to engage the audience in an uplifting celebration of life. His subtle undertones of inner exploration combine to create a concert experience that is unequivocally one-of-a-kind.

Each night, Ishi intends to create an entirely unique environment of mysticism, awareness, love, and acceptance. Adored by fans and critics alike, there is no denying that Ishi is an immersive experience that everyone should discover.

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