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Socio-Politically Active Songwriter Patrick Ames Hits The Mark With New Music Video

Written by: Jen Dan

California-located singer and songwriter Patrick Ames takes pains to make sure his music is socio-politically relevant, and he found much fodder for his creativity in the form of the pandemic, racial injustice, and increasingly divided politics.

Ames just released his new album The Virtualistics, on June 16th, and he didn’t go it alone on the record. He collaborated with in-demand producer Jon Ireson and is joined by back-up singers Chana Matthews and Mikaela Matthews – all done remotely due to lockdowns and social distancing regulations.

The LP’s title is definitely a nod to the necessity of making the record in the virtual world. Differing locations didn’t stop Ames and his cohorts from connecting on the lyrically timely and pointed music.

Ames comments, “We were virtual entities, duly recording our tracks on various home devices and sending them in for assembly. Amazingly, it sounds like we were together, unvirutally, I guess is the word. It sounds like a 9-piece band that is funkin’ up the place even though we were half-depressed and struggled with work,[the] virus, and bad politics.”

Ames and company have released a music video for the track Help People Up. The song is a funk-driven strut filled with uplifting lyrics, while the video uses a collage of footage from protests, various designs and signs (like “Choose Love” spray-painted on a building), bright graphics, and pictures of human rights heroes like Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King Jr.

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