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SoCal Pop Outfit The Lagoons Drop An Enticing Electro-Pop Single

The Lagoons · Dial Tones (Voicemail)

Southern Californian duo The Lagoons have revealed an ‘80s/‘90s-inspired electro-pop single entitled Dial Tones (Voicemail).

The track’s chilled out dreamscape is enhanced by twinkling keys, intoxicating horns, and the outfit’s ever-melodic vocals.

The Lagoons explain the meaning behind their newest: “Ultimately, it’s about finding yourself. Whether it’s being stuck on something from the past, reminiscing about something that is no more, or refusing to move on, inaction will not resolve this lack of fulfillment. It’s about the battle between passively hoping your prayers will be answered versus going out and finding answers.”

The Lagoons are the DIY musical project of jazz-trained, multi-instrumentalist brothers Ryan and Joey Selan. The duo released their debut album Midnight Afternoon in 2020, notching millions of streams alongside praise from fans and critics alike.

The Lagoons have sold out multiple headline tours with stops everywhere from Los Angeles to New York, supported by a range of artists including Tim Atlas and Future Generations.

They recent released Snowy Mountain, and subsequently Daybreak, and have plans for even more singles throughout this year.



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