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Psych-Folk/Rock Artist Wise John Unveils His Personal Storytelling Debut Album

Written by: Jen Dan

Artistic wanderer Wise John has been residing in various diverse locales, including Bend, Oregon, Los Angeles, and more recently in New York City, and he’s roamed through other metropolises like Auckland and Hong Kong.

All the while the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been crafting music that is lyrics-centered – both deeply personal in content and storytelling in format.

Wise John unveiled his perceptive and engaging first album, A Wonderful World, on June 13th.

The songs on the LP are a combination or alternation of folk, pop, jazz, and rock in nature with a psychedelic – and autobiographical – touch.

Wise John confides, “I wrote most of A Wonderful World while I was living in Orange County, CA, during the summer of 2020. In addition to the gloomy state of the mid-pandemic world, I’d been facing my own personal apocalypse – I’d become bedridden for months with a flare-up of chronic illness…, been dumped by my partner…. My life’s plans had fallen through, and I was facing a total lack of direction and purpose.

This album is my… response to the state of the world and my life at the time. Ultimately,[at] the album’s core is this question: How does it feel to see the end-times coming, while everyone around you ignores it?”

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