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NYC-Based DIY Musician Les Techno Drops Gently Radiant New Tune

Written by: Jen Dan

New York City-located DIY musician Les Techno is known for exploring different genres of music and merging some together to create new sonic shapes.

The artist has collaborated with hip-hop and R&B artists/acts, and has released rock, electronic, and pop-based music over the years.

On Les Techno’s latest radiant single, In the Sunshine, he blends synth-pop with jazz touches.

The dreamy synths-based flow of the song is punctuated by restless, jazz-inflected guitar riffs and peppery drum strikes.

The track shows that Les Techno can craft a lighter composition that is an escape from our everyday plight. This flight of fancy is a perfect soundtrack for the start of the summertime.

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