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Irish-Scottish vocalist Lori Sky pairs with indie outfit Bilbosa on stunning ‘Neon’ single

We’re intrigued by the Emerald Isle as much as the next guy. An awful lot of great music comes from Ireland and has done so for the past half decade. Today, there are artists of varying fame who make the island their home, and then there are those who have transplanted themselves elsewhere. Lori Sky is a case in point – one of the most powerful voices we’ve heard from Ireland, she is now based in Scotland.

Recently she teamed up with indie pop-rock outfit Bilbosa on their vibrant single ‘Neon’, the first taste of the band’s forthcoming 4-track ‘Ayla’ EP, set to release in mid-June via indie label Seahorse Recordings.

The video, produced by Plurale Video and written and directed by Stefano Pulcini, was co-directed by Simone Putzu and stars Karin Maltempo and Andrea Bagossi. it explores the strange times we are living in, the desire to be with the ones we love but the need to isolate has left us living in our imaginations. Trying to make those connections with the people we love in our mind or in our hearts instead of in person. Be it though losing them or though distance we are all longing for those close relationships and appreciating them more than ever before. The video is our interpretation of that precise moment in which you realize the importance of those emotions that you used to feel with those people who are now gone.

Hailing from Genoa in northern Italy, Bilbosa are David Carroll (guitar), Stefano Pulcini (guitar and synth), Daniele Ferrari (bass and synth) and Gabriele Gennaro (drums). Formed in 2016 from the ashes of their former band Chaos Del Signor Gaza, the remaining four musicians spent much energy collaborating, jamming and trying to understand what musical route to take. Finally, they desperately decided to lock themselves in a recording studio in 2018, resulting in the recording of their first official album, ‘Diamond Dust’, which they released in December 2020.

Formerly performing under the name Lorraine McCauley, Donegal-raised Lori Sky has been performing from the age of four. She formed her first band while living in Japan and. after her 2010 debut solo EP ‘Haunt Me’, she formed Lorraine McCauley & The Borderlands. Their 2012  album `Light in the Darkest Corners was tipped as the next Scottish contemporary folk breakthrough. After returning to do her master’s degree, in 2014, she began an artist residency with La Banda di Piazza Caricamento in Genoa, where she met and collaborated with Bilbosa’s David Carroll, sowing the seeds for this new single.

“I saw the ‘Neon’ music as a bright light, like the love that a close relationship brings into your life. So I ended up writing this song to celebrate my Mum, who I had just lost. The music helped me to express what I was learning about grief, that when you allow yourself to feel the pain of loss you are more able to appreciate and understand the love,” says Lori Sky.

“Covid forced us to become more creative in how we collaborate with others. As a band, we wrote the music and then sent it to Lori Sky, an Irish singer-songwriter. Lori listened to the track and wrote lyrics to the song, which are very personal to her and yet, there are very universal themes here about love, loss and grief,” says David Carroll.As of June 3, ‘Neon’ will be available across online stores and streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. The full ‘Ayla’ EP will be released on June 18.

Written by Bilbosa and Lorraine McCauley (Lori Sky)
Lyrics and vocals by Lorraine McCauley (Lori Sky)
Music performed by Bilbosa
Produced, recorded and mixed by Tristan Martinelli
Mastered by Mattia Cominotto at Greenfog Studio (Genoa, Italy)
Cover artwork by Stefano Pulcini with Jellyfish sculpture by Gabriele Gennaro

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