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Hip-Hop Artist Son Kuma Reveals Highs And Lows On Engaging New Album

Son Kuma · Good For Life

Inglewood rapper Son Kuma has released his impressive debut album, Good For Life.

The project is highlighted by Pitiful, a deceptively gloomy banger with thudding production and acrobatic flows, and the contrasting uplifting The Future’s Right Now.

Son Kuma quickly caught buzz with his Indica mixtape and allotted over 7 million streams in the process. That project laid the foundation for his revelatory approach to songwriting, tracking topics like drug abuse and heartbreak with unabashed honesty.

Praised by Quadio for “intoxicating, silvery smooth hip-hop,” he would go on to release a complementary Sativa mixtape in 2019.

The next two years would be driven by a string of highlights including the release of Good For Life which caught the attention of outlets like Run The Trap for Son Kuma’s gliding bars and catchy self-production.

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