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Ender Bender delivers full retro-synth brilliance on new ‘Bewildered’ single

We’re as much a fan of 80s music as the next guy and, with synthpop being such a big part of that, we delight in introducing our readers to a Rome-based project called Ender Bender with the new single ‘Bewildered’, a feel-good easy-going lovestruck offering from his forthcoming ‘New Era’ EP. Pet Shop Boys are the artists who most closely come to mind in relation to this new track, but Thomas Dolby and Howard Jones are also worth mentioning.

Ender Bender is the solo project of composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Eddie Olguin. The material on this new 5-track electro synthwave offering was written last summer in defiance of the spirit-crushing pandemic and his new obsession with the emerging retrowave/chillwave movement.

Not long ago, Ender Bender released the EP’s lead single ‘Have A Good Time’, a summer anthem that first teased Loaded with future-retro pop earworms, this EP is intended as both an escape and a reminder of what is important – a soundtrack to help you enjoy yourself and what we still have to cherish following a heavy pandemic-laden year.

After years of living an adventurous rock-and-roll life in Los Angeles, Eddie Olguin moved to Rome in the name of love, but also found new energy and inspiration (void of scenes and scenesters) to reinvigorate his passion for music and redesign his musical career path. Once in Rome, Olguin built a studio and made the transition from being a live performer to primarily a studio musician-producer.  Thus was born Ender Bender – a new catalyst for his new mission. 

With the Covid pandemic encouraging more time in the recording studio, 2020 motivated Eddie to hone his production skills and to begin composing instrumental cinematic cues.  This led to scoring several corporate demos (for the development of a virtual reality game) and, ultimately, working as part of a busy collective of LA film composers. He has been working as a film composer ever since.

“This EP is steeped in escapism simply because it literally served as my personal escape from what was happening at the beginning of the pandemic here in Italy.  It’s also about creating a paradigm shift in our overall experience as humans.  I can’t help but feel that we have completely lost touch with what’s real and with the true sense of why we’re here and where we come from,” says Eddie Olguin.

“When the pandemic hit, it was like one big final blow to the gut.  I realized many of us felt this way so I wanted to make music about reconnecting with what matters: family, friends, life and mainly love.  In other words, it’s a slice of positivity to help you deal with the negativity we’re faced with every day.”

In 2020, Ender Bender debuted with his ‘EQ’ EP and singles ‘Star Killer’ and ‘Honey Lavender Girl’, released soon after the lockdown frenzy began. His first foray into studio production, this release garnered super reviews and international radio play.  

Both ‘Bewildered’ and “Have A Good Time’ are out now across online stores and streaming platforms, including Spotify. The ‘New Era’ EP will be released on June 25 and can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp.

Written, performed and produced by Eddie Olguin
Guitars by Bernhard Penzias
Mastered by Justin Weis
Recorded and mixed by Eddie Olguin in a secret Audio Lab somewhere in Rome
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