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Composer/Producer Chris Ianuzzi Continues His Experimental Work With Two New Tunes

Written by: Jen Dan

New York City-based experimental composer, producer, and performer Chris Ianuzzi continues his exploratory method of creation with his compositions.

Ianuzzi recently released two new singles, Infinite Prize and Setagaya, which are out via imprint Satellite Symphonics.

The musician has also unveiled a performance music video to accompany Infinite Prize, which has him singing and playing various instruments in the studio. At times vibrant graphics also appear on the screen, including a glowing infinity sign.

Ianuzzi dropped the electronic/symphonic-driven album Planteria last year in the midst of the pandemic.

These two new numbers take him on a different pathway, which features more vocal-centric structures than on the LP.

Speaking about crafting the song and video for Infinite Prize, Ianuzzi relates, “My approach to the song and video from Day 1 was to capture the apocalyptic time we were entering in lockdown. Connections and relationships made and developed on Zoom and social medias.  I started this song and had a video in mind in April 2020.”

“An imaginary relationship develops with a seductive [and] mystical female character that comes through [the] computer screen. The computer screen replaces the mirror in Alice in Wonderland.”

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