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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Incendiary Sweet Unleashes A Catchy & Stirring Indie Rock Track

Written by: Jen Dan

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, rising indie rock/pop/folk singer-songwriter Victoria Feige is releasing engaging music under the moniker Incendiary Sweet.

Like the musician’s contrasting name, her music is also full of duality sonically. Latest single Disaffected Scrolling Thru is a hybrid of catchy folk-pop verses and stirring indie rock chorus sections, all tied together with heartfelt vocals and perceptive lyrics.

The song’s title hints at themes that deal with the superficiality of social media and the relevant lyrics delve into further. Staying true to oneself is difficult in the ubiquitous social network that pushes users to conform to certain social norms. It’s easy – and accepted – to create fake personas online, but is this the best way to live?…

The athletic Feige was injured in a snowboarding accident and is partially paralyzed, but that hasn’t slowed her down. She’s a world champ in adaptive surfing, and continues to ski and play music.

The pandemic also made Feige rethink her plans and was an impetus in her decision to pursue what she loves. New music and live shows are in the works.

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