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SLC-Based Post-Punk/Goth Pop Outfit Sculpture Club Unveil An Enchanting Album

Sculpture Club · Worth

Salt Lake City’s Sculpture Club have been around for a minute, tirelessly performing their energetic blend of post-punk and Goth on stages around the country to anyone who would listen.

On 2016’s A Place to Stand, the band captured that live intensity perfectly – the distortion drenched songs painting a picture of a clearly talented young group with songwriting to match their passion.

On their second album Worth, there’s a newfound intention to the way the songs are presented. There’s still plenty of ferocious drumming and blown-out guitars, but it’s no longer obscuring the gorgeous pop songs this group churns out. 
Almost every song is built around acoustic guitar strums, making room for Chaz Costello’s whispering vocals and the surrounding instrumental flourishes.

The arrangements here are ambitious, including string flourishes, intricate guitar arpeggios, and pure ear candy leads. Instead of turning up the intensity to 11 throughout, Sculpture Club make excellent use of dynamics, songs like Teeth and Tongue and Twirl for Me ebb and flow, with subdued verses exploding into triumphant choruses. Where You Are Now is a wonderful moment of levity in the album’s center, with sparkling guitars and emotional strings making this stripped-down song one of the album’s most powerful.

With Worth, Sculpture Club make it clear they are one of America’s most exciting bands, giving the latest crop of UK post-punk bands a run for their money. It’s an album for late-night reveries with old friends, for dancing until 2 in the morning, and finding meaning in your life.

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