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German Desktop Music Artist K4LT Drops A Dark & Moody New EP

Written by: Jen Dan

Named after the German word for ‘cold,’ K4LT (spoken as ‘kalt’) is an alternative desktop music project. Using computer programs like Ableton, the techno-inspired artist recently dropped and dark and moody EP titled Endgame.

Like the EP’s name suggests, Berlin, Germany-based K4LT digs into murky, shadowy, looped, and mechanical sounds that speak to a dystopian society reliant upon technology.

K4LT mixes various genres/styles together, including electronica, doom metal, and post-punk for a type of music called Desktop Doom. The bleak lyrics focus on searching for purpose in life even while living on its edge.

The artist comments on the EP, explaining that Endgame, “is the antithesis to a debut album – It’s an exhausted commentary about regularly finding yourself in an ominous state, trying to make sense of that and then getting back on your feet. It just seems that gravity on this planet seems to always increase. However, I´m still an optimist and there´s many good things happening every day – and isn´t that something to wake up for?”

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