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Funk, Blues, & Soul Get Their Due On New Tune From Thornetta Davis and Disaster Relief

Written by: Jen Dan

Acclaimed Detroit-based blues powerhouse Thornetta Davis has joined forces with funk, soul, and blues collective Disaster Relief on a new 2-song single composed of How I Feel and Not So Scared of You.

The socio-politically relevant numbers, out via Ravine Records and on Bandcamp, raise awareness of the divided times we live in, but also lift the spirits with their rousing and inclusive sound.

Disaster Relief is the music project of Michigan-residing musician and producer Darrin James. His aim with Disaster Relief is to get funky with horn-laden jams that recall the best music that emanates from New Orleans, Memphis, and more.

Potently emotive How I Feel and the defiantly strutting Not So Scared of You are antidotes to all the negativity being spewed out into the world.

So get in the groove and have a good time while also absorbing the songs’ important lyrics about women’s rights (How I Feel) and the power of positivity (Not So Scared of You).

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