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Electronic/Jazz Fusion Artist Aman Jagwani Rolls Out Upbeat & Refreshing New Tune

Written by: Jen Dan

Electronic music and modern jazz hybrid composer and producer Aman Jagwani has rolled out his engagingly meandering second single, Now, from his upcoming album entitled This Place.

The LP will be Jagwani’s second full length and will arrive on May 28th.

Jagwani, who is originally from Mumbai, India, teams up with vocalist Anuhba Kaul, renowned India-residing pianist Ron Cha, and guitarist Pritesh Walia for an upbeat, electronics-infused number that digs into philosophical themes.

Now is a constantly morphing song that moves through airy to piquant vocals, zippy electronics, floating synths and woodwinds, a mellow and winding guitar line, and dance club beat.

Jagwani reveals, “This song is about time and how it isn’t always one-dimensional. The song personifies an ideal version of ‘now’ and it urges the listener to reach out and look for that version of their present.”

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