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Dark & Experimental Electronic Artist She’s Excited! Releases A Bold EP

Written by: Jen Dan

New York-based indie experimental electronic music artist She’s Excited! recently released her bold Shock Therapy EP that contains two originals and three remixes.

The EP’s lead-off track Add Clarity is a stark and clamorous industrial music-centered number that pushes with ominous urgency. The shadowy Whole, on the other hand, creeps with insidious anxiety and the artist’s at times shivery vocal tone.

EDM producer Cameron Gary adds an up-tempo house music twist to his remix of Whole, while synths wiz Trovarsi Live Modular makes Add Clarity into a relentless techno-thumper remix and music producer Primitive Heart’s remix pares Add Clarity down, but then adds a crisply clacking beat.

The songs’ lyrics focus on mental health during the COVID lockdowns and socio-political unrest of 2020. The artist’s tumultuous words and emotions are matched by the sonic upheaval found on each track.

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