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Dark and lush, AMMO announces ‘Rose + Crown’ single, previews ‘Total Recall’ video

From one coast the next, today we feast our ears on the first track we’ve heard by a LA-based solo artist named AMMO. Fans of Chromatics, Julee Cruise, Ladytron, Phantogram and Magic Wands will relish this moment of discovery. Today we present you ‘Total Recall’, which is a fantastic introduction to an artist who will certainly be on your radar from here on. This is actually one of two tracks set for release on June 4in as the ‘Rose + Crown’ single, to be released via California-based Mourning Sun Records.

AMMO’s distinct approach to music is remarkable and we’re looking forward to hearing more from this newcomer. This is dark dreamery in sonic form with a tantalizing and euphoric escapism therein. Ethereal and lush, the rhythm, full-hall sound and haunting creates a stunning atmosphere.

‘Total Recall’ was originally released as part of ‘Do You Feel That Way Too? A Tribute to The Sound’, the first charitable compilation on the Dune Altar label, aimed at increasing awareness to the mental health conditions plaguing millions today. Inspired by Adrian Borland (frontman of criminally underrated, yet tremendously influential 1980s UK band The Sound), who suffered from schizoaffective disorder and severe depression.

AMMO has enveloped herself in a number of music, photography and film projects. Her band Brass Box released their full-length LP ‘The Cathedral’ in 2019.  Past music projects include Black Flamingo, Darklands and Tête. Her music has been said to “shackle the living or free the dead…” by creating mystical magnetic soundscapes – “the kind of music that should soundtrack a sand-dune-to-shoreline road movie by David Lynch”.

The ‘Rose + Crown’ single was born of the isolation and swift emerging darkness wrought upon the world by the current pandemic, echoing themes of catharsis and freedom from self-imposed shackles, whether physical or psychological. Written by AMMO, it was co-produced and recorded with Alex Posell, former Black Flamingo bandmate, who also contributes drums and percussion, and mixed and mastered by Robert Duncan IV.

A rock and roll photographer, musician and songwriter, AMMO spent her youth ditching school to delve through record store bins and scour the LA music and art scene in hopes of running into like-minds. 

Pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo is a constant in her life. She has shot and produced a feature film, co-founded PLAG Presents, a platform for women musicians and the LGBTQ community voices to be heard.

Her storied history in shooting fashion editorials and directing short films and music videos have given her the tools to achieve a deeper connection with her listeners. These artistic mediums empower her exploration of illusive and melancholic topics which offer listeners an emotional and visceral experience by creating a dialogue between the imagined and physical.

As of June 4, the ‘Rose + Crown’ single will be available across online stores and streaming platforms, including Spotify. It can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp and pre-saved at

‘Total Recall’ written by Adrian Borland
‘Rose + Crown’ written and performed by AMMO
Drums and percussion by Alex Posell
Produced by AMMO and Alex Posell
Mixing and mastering by Robert Duncan IV
Video directed by AMMO
Camera by Christopher Slater & AMMO
Released by Mourning Sun Records
Photo by Matt Bennett

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