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Australian Alt-Pop Artist Nick de la Hoyde Drops Yet Another Alluring & Melodic Single

Written by: Jen Dan

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, indie alternative pop creative Nick de la Hoyde has been crafting enticing pop treats for several years now as a solo artist and as part of his two brothers’ electronic music outfit D.E.L.

De la Hoyde recently dropped a sweeping new single titled Stay By Me. The alluring track built out of guitars, drums, and synths whisks the listener up in its brisk pacing, but features calm, yet wistful vocals from de la Hoyde.

The singer-songwriter’s vocals are smooth and airy, and touched with a velvety hush. It’s easy to get lost in a beautiful dreamworld just based on de la Hoyde’s vocal tone and delivery!

De la Hoyde is stamped with star quality (In a good way! No diva dramatics here) and he bolsters his melodic music with perceptive lyrics that tackle inner turmoil and life challenges.

Stay By Me is a prime example of that, as he lyrically peers into the darkness, but finds a bright light of hope to lead him forward.

De la Hoyde comments, “Sometimes it takes something unfortunate to happen for you to wake up and realize the love around you. I was guilty of taking things in life for granted and at my lowest moment it was so clear to me what mattered in life and what didn’t. Stay By Me is an uplifting track with a heap of energy that helped me lift out of that space.”

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