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Americana Artist Will Jackson Rolls Out Heartfelt & Tuneful New Album

Written by: Jen Dan

Residing in Nashville, Tennessee, the hotspot for country and Americana music, singer-songwriter Will Jackson is in his element.

Jackson’s love of the region and its music has found a home on his recent album Songs From the Briarpatch.

The Americana artist, who is originally from South Carolina, has played numerous shows in Nashville, honing his skills and developing an appreciate audience for his heartfelt music.

His new album is a showcase for hard work and musical abilities, as his focus on songwriting has created a warm batch of melodic tracks.

Jackson explains, “Songs From the Briarpatch came to fruition after falling in love with the exploding Americana genre in Nashville. After playing in various bands and trying to achieve this sound on a few projects, I feel that I’ve put out a release that truly reflects the artist that I am, and want to develop.”

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