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Alt-Rock Outfit Blueanimal Release A Contemplative & Relevant New Tune

Written by: Jen Dan

Hailing from Florida, alternative rock act Blueanimal are set to unleash their new album, Figment That Was Me, on June 4th.

Blueanimal have released three singles that preview the upcoming LP, including the more contemplative What Does It All Mean. The piano and acoustic guitar-driven number features a steadily marching beat, lightly dancing piano notes, briskly strummed acoustic guitar augmented by electric guitar lines and strings, and heartfelt vocals.

The band have dropped a lyric video for the track that showcases the equally reflective theme, about finding meaning in life despite all the negativity, turmoil, and adversity that is out there – and sometimes even within the individual.

Mental health issues play a big part in the album’s concept, and What Does It All Mean is one poignant piece of the whole puzzle of what it is to be human.

The band explains that the song, “marks the start of the ascent out of the darkness and the climb up from the bottom…The work is about the realization that you’ve hit bottom and that the climb out is going to take you finding some meaning or purpose.”

“It is very easy to let the outside world determine our happiness and leave us wondering “What does all this mean?” when we are left dissatisfied or feeling a lack of purpose. Many times it is only through the centering of happiness within ourselves that true happiness can be realized.”

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