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VISSIA reinvents herself on groovy new album With Pleasure

For years, VISSIA cut her teeth as a member of the indie folk scene in Edmonton, Canada, but on her new album With Pleasure, she’s embraced shiny synths, jagged funk guitars, and a soulful vocal delivery that takes her music to new heights. Though it was written over four years, the album feels like the perfect antidote to our contactless times.

Songs like On My Mind capture the high of a chance encounter, the possibility of new love, and the glowing embers those spontaneous experiences ignite. My Wom bops along with a confident swagger, shuffling drums backlighting a restless bassline and glorious, soul-pop backing vocals. 

The album opens with this handful of smoldering, bluesy bangers, before retreating into the ambient bliss of Walk Me Home, and then erupting with Take It Apart, a driving blend of ’80s pop and radio ready indie rock. It’s the album’s core where she really seems to hit her stride – electronic drum samples and sparkly stabs of synthesizers providing the perfect backdrop for her smokey voice.

It’s quite an evolution from her acoustic guitar beginnings, and even more surprising is how natural it feels. Never Gonna Be The Same is one of the records best vocal performances, putting her full range on display while the band locks into a tight groove. High With U is another highlight, a blistering bop that is sure to be euphoric in a live setting. 

With Pleasure is an album that pines for connection, reminiscing on missed connections, and blurry nights out that meant everything. On every song it feels like love is just around the corner – it’s a contagious feeling that makes us hopeful for the future and desperately excited to meet it. 



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