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Rock ‘N’ Roll Artist Blake Red Inspires With Her Emotive And Energetic Music

Written by: Jen Dan

Rock ‘n’ roll musician Blake Red doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects of mental health and substance abuse.

The singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer uses her powerful music to shine a light on those who struggle with these issues, including herself.

While Red is on the road to recovery, many are not, and need a positive boost to get them on a better track.

Red made a name for herself in 2019 with her potent alternative rock debut S.O.S. Songs On Suicide EP and she now back with a stripped-back, yet still vibrant new tune entitled Follow Me.

She’s also released an engaging performance music video to accompany the scintillating song. Outfitted like the rock star she is, Red lets loose in the recording studio, singing and playing various instruments.

Follow Me recalls prime grunge-era music where the lyrics and emotions of the singer were paramount. The fiery guitar squalls, bass line underscore, and battering drum beats all add to the urgency of the number.



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