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London-Located Indie Electro Producer Kiskadee Drops Cinematic New Single

kiskadee · YOU (feat. TEME)

After extensive work behind the scenes, collaborating with artists such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Tycho Jones, and engineering for artists such as Jessie Ware and M.I.A, London-based producer Jack Chown revealed his solo project: Kiskadee.

Kiskadee just dropped an extremely impressive second single that fleshes out his artistic universe.

YOU is an intricate indie electronic outing that features intoxicating vocals from TEME to match.

While preparing to embark to Iceland to collect sounds and visuals for the project, COVID-19 hit and forced him to rethink his approach.

Instead, he reached out to friends via social media and asked them to send voice notes detailing their experiences in isolation, experiences which he would flip into beats and eventually crystalize into four songs for his debut EP.

Alongside the music, Kiskadee also has plans for DJ sets, sample packs, and t-shirt drops to enhance his anthemic sounds.



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