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Bass Artist SNAILS Delivers Thrilling Music Video For Cool New Tune

Following the release of his highly-anticipated SLIME TIME EP after a year-long hiatus, Canadian bass music leader and label owner SNAILS has released the thrilling and cinematic music video for the EP’s lead single, FROGKIND.

FROGKIND and the SLIME TIME EP represent a return to SNAILS’ musical roots — the metal-inspired sub-genre he created and his fans dubbed as “Vomitstep.”

It also represents an overhaul in his visual design as well with more pastel colors and influences from Salvador Dali’s work.

This music video follows a girl as she’s chased through woods and fields by an invisible force until it reveals itself to be a swarm of giant interdimensional snails and frogs which appear to begin taking over the girl.

The hard-hitting bass of the song coincides brilliantly with the onslaught of creatures. Just as she’s almost fully possessed, she wakes up from her dream, only to find out that it wasn’t really a dream at all…

Check out the music video above and you can listen to the full SLIME TIME EP HERE.

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