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Songstress Claire Ridgely Delivers A Vulnerable & Heartfelt Confessional

Canadian singer-songwriter Claire Ridgely has revealed a sunny new single from her debut Flowers for a Friend EP.

Take the Pain is a tropical-infused romp where Ridgely’s infectious vocals reign front and center.

Claire explains, “Each song on Flowers for a Friend is a combination of raw storytelling and pure emotion. I put my heart and my soul into this EP. Through each of the songs, I’ve been able to find peace and come to terms with, and heal from certain things, certain stories in my life that I have held onto. So, this feels like a release. A way of letting go.

And I hope that this can help a friend in need as much as it’s helped me. I hope it can help other people heal and realize that even though the story behind the song might be painful, the fact that all of these songs are coupled with a happier beat, it can provide a way to heal and dance to something that was once traumatic and heavy.”

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