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Rebel ACA And French Monkey Wrench Team Up Again On Fresh And Funky Track Feat. Danny Sprang And iSTAND

Written by: Jen Dan

Londoner indie hip-hop and reggae musicians Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench join forces again on a fresh and funky new tune cheerfully titled Dance Without Fear.

The engaging track also features lyricist Danny Sprang, as well as MC and co-founder of Red Square Productions, iSTAND, and was released last month via Buttercuts Records.

The sprightly Dance Without Fear is part of a series of stand-alone songs that are being released monthly by the collaborative pair of Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench.

They keep it fluid and groovin’ with this type of song-launch where they’re not stuck in a rut, but making their own trail wherever it takes them sonically.

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