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Rapper Son Kuma Radiates Positive Vibes On Joyful New Track

Son Kuma · Good For Life

Inglewood, California-located rapper and vocalist Son Kuma teases his debut album with its standout title track, Good For Life.

Driven by sunny production touches, it finds Son Kuma effortlessly flowing with optimism for the present moment, where there’s pure joy in the simplicity of being alive.

It’s a revealing slice of his forthcoming project’s concept which tracks his intriguing path through life, including navigating the rocky road of the music industry before finding the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Son Kuma explains, “Good For Life is a phrase I coined the day I freestyled the song. It eventually took on the definition of being happy with what you will always have till the day you die, LIFE! Because life is worth infinitely more than any amount of money or wealth, that’s the general vibe and message of the song. By becoming Good For Life, you are essentially welcoming a Good Life; seeing the value in just the fact that you exist here, today!

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