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Ethereal Indie Pop Songstress Gea Releases A Relevant New Tune

Written by: Jen Dan

Based in Helsinki, Finland, ethereal and electronic pop music songstress Geo has returned to the fore with an enchanting single that champions the truth.

Titled Truth Between the Lies, the track is very much a reaction to what has been going on the world lately, with lies running rampant in the political and social realms.

Gea reveals, “When I wrote this song I had no idea how relevant this message would be now, when it is being released. We can’t pretend that constant lying wouldn’t have a profound impact on our society and souls. Truth is an absolute necessity. Truth will set us free!”

The foreboding song moves along on Gea’s sprightly, echoed vocals, insightful lyrics, and a strictly smacked drum beat. All sorts of electronic notes pepper the number, as a lower-register bass line pushes it all forward.

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