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Electronic Pop Wanderer Goth Babe Releases A Cheerful Track

Goth Babe · Canary Islands

Prolific nomad Goth Babe continues to paint vivid pictures of his enticing world on a fresh new single.

Canary Islands is a groovy electro-pop romp that fuses charming vocals with sticky synth touches.

Goth Babe is Griffin Washburn, living in his camper van with dog Sadie, driving up and down the coast surfing, snowboarding, and rock climbing.

He has a solar powered recording studio in the back where he writes and records everything himself.

When he’s not traveling, he’s finishing up his tiny home he’s built in the Pacific Northwest outside Portland, Oregon.

Goth Babe has amassed over 100 million streams, sold out shows from New York and Chicago to Los Angeles, and had his music featured by Burton Snowboards, LetterKenny, and Everlane.

Part musician, surfer, snowboarder, climber, vagabond – Griff embodies a true wanderlust spirit and has an amazing story to tell.

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