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Alt-Country Singer-Songwriter Keen Garrity Draws Sharp-Eyed Narratives On New LP

Written by: Jen Dan

Knoxville, Tennesse-native and Toledo, Ohio-based alternative country/Americana singer-songwriter and producer Keen Garrity creates sharp-eyed narratives throughout her rock-influenced Country & Western music.

Garrity recently released her debut album Get Big, spinning finely detailed storylines into a mesmerizing web that pulls the listener in.

While Garrity’s lyrics may be in the vein of country and folk noir, her sound is brighter and actively on the move, swinging for the wide open spaces with resonant guitar lines (with lead guitar courtesy of Will Malone), steadfast piano/organ/synths notes, shadowy bass line skulk, and lively drumwork. Garrity’s emotions and lyrics can be direct and hard like flint, yet are softened by her heartfelt delivery.

She calls her songs “storybookish” and reveals, “Each song on Get Big is about a creature or character, and there’s a little story around each one. But there’s a common theme: all of these songs are about creating a mythology of the self, about flaring your ego out when you’re faced with a situation that makes you feel insignificant.”

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