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PREMIERE: Young Singer-Songwriter Neska Rose Unveils Her EP Of Personal Confessionals

Neska Rose · The Repel Of A Young Girl

Today we are very excited to introduce you to Neska Rose and host the premiere of her debut record, The Repel Of A Young Girl EP.

Born in Israel, Rose moved to Los Angeles with her family at a young age, and while only 14, is penning confessionals you’d expect to hear from someone twice her age.

The Repel Of A Young Girl features 7 self-produced compositions from the young singer-songwriter, aided only by her twin sister on occasion (who weaves seamless harmonies around Rose’s smokey vocals) and her former guitar teacher (who assisted in producing only one of the songs). 

Standout Familiar Traces moves with snakelike rhythm, drawing back before striking with acoustic guitar stabs and emotive vocals. The song explores her realization that you can’t fix other people’s problems for them, but need to give them the space to figure things out on their own.

Real Being bubbles along with a dreamlike quality, confronting toxic personalities who play the victim and gaslight those around them, while Intoxication see’s Rose strip back all the layers for an intimate piano ballad. 

The Repel Of A Young Girl is an EP written during what most of us remember as a period of huge personal changes, and emotional hurdles. The teenage years are a trying time, but Rose navigates her youth with an assured poise and widescreen confidence (she’s also in the early stages of an acting career).

With such a promising debut, it’s exciting to imagine where she’ll go from here. The potential is evident from the first strum. 

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