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Pop/Folk Artist Dezelle Unveils A Heartfelt & Introspective Track

Dezelle · i decided to believe in visions.

Written by: Jen Dan

Pop and folk singer-songwriter Dezelle has been working in the film and TV world, as well as writing material for herself.  A uniting thread through all her output is the sincerity and introspection she exudes.

Dezelle’s music has been featured in Hallmark, Lifetime, and Hulu productions, and she’s performed the stages of notable venues in Los Angeles and New York City.

The artist has now returned with a heartfelt new single, i decided to believe in visions., a deeply personal number that shows how belief in yourself can help to overcome challenges in life.

The lyrically potent track just dropped this past Friday and was produced and co-written by Tomas Altamirano.

Dezelle’s vocals start of reflective and then fly high through the gentle acoustic guitar opening and ensuing vivid electronic pop sonics.

Song- and lyrics-wise Dezelle finds her way out of the darkness of her mind and envisions a better future, something that we’re all striving for these days.

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