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Ugandan Rap Star GNL Zamba Delivers His Latest Vibrant And Relevant Hybrid-Genre LP

Written by: Jen Dan

Renowned Ugandan rapper/musician and lugaflow pioneer GNL Zamba has returned to the forefront with The Spear, his latest vibrant and relevant socially themed album.

The multi-award-winner mixes it up stylistically on The Spear, crossing the borders between hip-hop, Afropunk, pop, experimental rock, and spoken word, all while keeping his lyrics timely and to-the-point.

GNL Zamba sees the divisions and conflicts that exist in our contemporary world and aims to unify the disparate factions, because at the core we are all one people who not only want to survive, but thrive on this planet that we exist upon.

About his viewpoint, the artist confides, “I want the whole world to sonically and spiritually travel back to their shared African origin. Here is where all the answers lie. Most new Africans have never been to this Africa. It is hidden in a dimension only open to those with the gift to look far back enough that they can see the future.”

GNL Zamba is the guide on this beneficial journey towards a common good and spiritual wisdom.

Check out his flow on the music video for Energy / NRG from The Spear above.

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