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Ex-Fashion Designer Di Bosco Drops An Upbeat House Music Cut

Paris-based producer Di Bosco continues to fashion alluring house music on a riotous new single.

Vaffanculo is an acidic, upbeat cut that finds her crafting from a joyous perspective, including a peppy accompanying music video.

Formerly releasing pop under the name of Yorina with breakout tracks like Dry Your Tears, Di Bosco quickly caught buzz that led to an opening slot for Her at the famous Le Point Ephémère.

The ex-fashion designer has since moved behind the decks in 2020, sourcing inspiration from French electro-house and her Sicilian roots alike, all making for a hearty electronic mix.

With two ecstatic lead singles in House ! and Cacio e Pepe under her belt, the enigmatic talent emphasizes tongue-in-cheek flair through comedic visuals that invite the listener to plunge into her eccentric world.

Now part of Pioneer’s new talent team and soundtracking dancefloors everywhere from Carmen to Les Transmusicales, Di Bosco is prepared for a breakout 2021 and beyond.

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